Bailey Community Council Meeting Minutes: March

Minutes from the Bailey Community Council Meeting which was held on March 13, 2019.

BSP Students in a BCC Meeting
BSP Students in a BCC Meeting

The third 2019 Spring Semester Bailey Community Council (BCC) meeting was held on March 13, 2019 in the Bailey classroom. The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m, starting with an icebreaker. Rebecca, Reva, Erin and Dustin represented the leadership team. The ANR 210 class was represented by Jeremy, Hunter, Jalen and Emma. Holly, represented the ANR 310 class, while Carly, Tiara, Silvia and Mallory represented the ANR 410 class.

ANR 210 representatives shared with the council that they had tie-dying as part of their creativity unit, finished their syllabus and they will be going to the Brody kitchen to cook. The class also started bullet journalling with their BSP journals. However, they are still trying to figure out their finals as they found it hard to move the time of the final. On behalf of the ANR 310 class, Holly announced that they were glad to be back and apologized for missing the February BCC meeting. To prevent another mishap, the class has made a plan for Tommy to attend the next April BCC meeting. Holly shared that the ANR 310 class had struggled with their syllabus a lot but they had now gotten into their units and people are more invested. The class has experienced  a lot of growth. They did professional head shots, mock interviews and have Professional Development units that focus on portfolio making. The class is also bringing in a lot of community partners to help them develop skills. They have fostered a very supportive community.  

A lot has been going on in the ANR 410 class! The class is focusing on problem based learning and on the unequal access to feminine hygiene products. They are planning on fundraising by having a brunch in the atrium to get money for products. They are also going to try to paint the Rock and to have a bake sale. The brunch and bake sale will be donation based and the class requested funds of $200 for brunch, bags for period packs, and paper for posters. Additionally, the class proposed the staffing of the rock to be a BSP service hour. They also wanted to make staffing the Rock overnight and the bake sale to be service and community hours. The BCC approved funding the class for their events but decided that they would need to come back to BCC if funds were used on other items and not food, bags, or paper.  The BCC agreed that community hours will not be awarded for students in ANR 410 because it is part of their class which is graded in ANR 410. However, the service hour request was passed.  

The leadership team gave updates on upcoming events such as the mindfulness week, the Haven House Children’s Playroom, Small Animal Day and three senior share presentations. The leadership team asked the council the kind of events they would be interested in attending. Events which came up include dog hours, self defensemeditation hour, knitting hour, notes to each other, yoga class, coloring books, mandala, stress baking, kinetic sand and cool jars. 

As for new business, the BCC had a discussion on the Greenleaf and Fear Scholarship Awards. The council evaluated applicants based on community engagement, connection to LVS, need and the effort applicants put into the application.  




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