Break the “fast” in your family breakfast

Start your day off right, with breakfast!

The old adage says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So why is it so difficult for many of us to eat it every day? For families, mornings are busy with getting children out of bed, dressed and out the door on time. Adding a meal to the mix can cause frustration and an overall stressful start to the day.

Michigan State University Extension says that research shows that for children, eating breakfast has been linked to better academic outcomes, improved concentration and behavior at school and reduced obesity. According to the USDA, adults who eat breakfast also have an easier time maintaining healthy body weight. Here are some quick and easy ways to ensure that your family starts each day with breakfast:

  • Have a plan; discuss what will work best for your family. A large family meal early in the morning may work for one family, whereas eating on the way to school or work is more realistic for another.
  • Think ahead the night before and prepare what you can. Set out bowls, spoons, cereal box, bananas, etc. for a quick grab in the morning rush.
  • For children, take advantage of school breakfast programs. They will be getting a healthy breakfast and for those families who qualify, it will be much cheaper or even free! Check with your child’s school food service department for the application process and to find out if your child qualifies.
  • Have grab and go options available for the days you or your kids oversleep, need to get out the door earlier than usual or for everyday.

Some ideas include:

  1. Whole fruit (bananas, apples, clementines, grapes)
  2. String cheese
  3. Prefilled snack bags with cereal, nuts, dried fruit
  4. Yogurt: Save money by buying large containers of yogurt and bags of frozen fruit, portion out into plastic containers
  5. Leftovers can also work in a pinch

Get your day started right for you and your family; choose breakfast!

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