Camp counselor job opportunities

Thinking of a summer job? Being a camp counselor gives youth opportunities to work with other youth and possibly have a career as a camp director.

It may be only December, but youth can start looking now for summer jobs, and one of them could be a camp counselor position. For those interested in working outdoors and with youth, being a camp counselor gives youth many opportunities to learn a variety of life skills and possible career ventures.

Camp counselors work with youth of all ages, but there are many other types of jobs available for youth in a camp setting. If you are interested in the culinary field, you could learn about cooking for a crowd. If the interest is being a teacher and gaining life skills such as leadership, decision-making and teamwork, you could be a recreation leader who leads kids in games, practices leadership opportunities and team building, and teaches specific types of sports. Being the camp director gives youth the chance to “be in charge” of the whole operation, making sure every part of running a camp is covered, especially the safety of the kids.

Another area not usually thought of in a camp setting is the behind-the-scenes jobs. These include building supervisors, groundskeepers, lifeguards and specialty jobs for specific programs.

Some of the camps available through the Michigan State University Extension 4-H Youth Development program are the 4-H Great Lakes Natural Resources Camp, the 4-H Renewable Energy Camp or your county summer camp program. Visit your local MSU Extension office and find out what types of camps are offered.

The snow has not hit the ground yet, but youth can begin thinking about summer camps as a participant or a camp counselor. Camps are available all around the state to work at or attend.

For more information on careers and youth, visit MSU Extension’s Careers and Entrepreneurship webpage.

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