Clinton County supporting community health 2017

Farmers and those within the agricultural industry have a tendency to be eternal optimists, but with all of the variability in agriculture, there are times when we can become overwhelmed and stressed more than usual.

Managing Farm Stress

MSU Extension has developed a workshop specially designed for people who work with agricultural producers and farm families who want to know more about managing farmrelated stress and learn ways to approach and communicate with those in need. In 2017 Clinton County offered a workshop to 129 individuals with collaboration between institutes, which included:

  • Adam Kantrovich discussing the present agricultural market situation with an overview of how this has affected a farm’s financial situation and cash flow.
  • Roger Betz discussing his experiences working with farm families that are under financial distress.
  • Suzanne Pish highlighting the detrimental impact of stress on our body and state of mind, providing information on how to recognize some of the warning signs of depression, self-harm and mental illness.

On-going outreach to farmers continues as we provide on-line farm stress workshops, financial counseling and management guidance, and programing aimed at improving mental health.

Mental Health First Aid

“Raising awareness about mental health can be extremely effective in reducing the stigma associated with it. Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a one-day training, much like First Aid, developed to help people improve their knowledge of mental health issues. It provides concrete examples of how to support individuals in distress. It has proven to decrease negative attitudes and increase supportive behaviors toward individuals with mental health problems.

Michigan State University Extension, in an effort to create a healthier workforce both physically and mentally, has implemented Mental Health First Aid training throughout the state for its employees. The hope is to increase this offering to the public in the very near future.” Holly Tiret, MSU Extension Educator.

Clinton County has brought on Abigail Cudney to address this much needed concern in the community.

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