Computer science booming with fast-growing career opportunities

Careers in computer sciences are in high demand, providing new prospects in education and employment.

Hey middle and high school students: Do you like playing video games, downloading apps or getting your hands on the latest gadgets and gismos? Do you often find yourself helping adults operate their computers and other mobile devices? Maybe a career in computer science is for you! Technology is booming, and even today’s slow economy and job market cannot stop the bright and growing future in computer science. Sometimes we hear the words computer science and think, “What is that?  It sounds boring.” Really, computer science is a fascinating field that is full of opportunities for creativity, teamwork and the ability to uncover new possibilities.  

Did you know that the first personal computer was built in the late 1970’s? Since then, computers have grown to be the foundation upon which businesses operate and communicate.  Of course today, computers have jumped from the business world into our pockets. Can you imagine being without your mobile device, personal computer, ipad or gaming device for a week, day or hour? They are main-stream in our society, and we are willing to pay to have them.  That also means that we need people that know how to develop them, improve them, connect them, fix them and apply them to help us with everyday tasks. 

According to the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for those in computer systems design will increase over 48 percent between 2008 and 2018.  Many other computer science fields expect to increase at high levels as well.

For those of you looking to enter college or the job market in the not too distant future, here are three careers that the US Bureau of Labor Statistics believes will be in high demand.

Computer scientist. A computer scientist uses current forms of technology, or creates new ones, in order to solve complex problems we face in everyday life. He or she may improve transportation through helping shipping companies deliver good to ports and airports across the world or help improve our health through developing new medical technologies that allow better diagnosis and treatment. 

Software engineer. Software engineers create and develop video games, computer operating systems, network systems, business applications and more. Companies often have specific needs for specific users. This position can develop, test and even manage special computer programs and tools for many different types of clients.

Database administrator. Database administrators are responsible for handling the information stored on the computer databases of various businesses and organizations. They come up with effective ways of storing, organizing, analyzing, using and presenting this data.

For more growing careers in computer sciences and information technology, visit the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. Contact a college near you or the Michigan State University College of Engineering Recruitment office at 517-353-7282 to learn more about education and degrees they provide in these exciting areas.

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