Dining with Diabetes program success stories

Nutrition education programs can help you manage your diabetes.

Dining with Diabetes is a Michigan State University Extension program consisting with a series of four lessons of two hours every other week or weekly. It may include a cooking demonstration with a chef as well as a section on tasting healthy foods. The program focus is to help individuals diagnosed with diabetes, at risk of diabetes or their caregivers, to learn strategies to decrease the health risks related to living with diabetes.

In Lenawee County, MSU Extension and the Lenawee County Community Foundation have collaborated to offer this program free of charge to the Lenawee County residents. Educator Andrea Aguilar has been delivering a Dining with Diabetes program in Lenawee County with a community volunteer chef and a diabetes educator. The program has been very successful and the participants said they enjoyed every minute of it! Some of the feedback from the participants reads as follows:

  • “Good recipes, good instructor, gave me the motivation to get back on track to lose weight and exercise”
  • “This class was full of beneficial information. I truly enjoyed the incorporation of recipes and meals into the program. Andrea does an excellent job explaining diabetes. She has great props that she uses which really drive home her point. Wendy does an excellent job entertaining and educating while cooking”
  • “This has been a very fun class and learned a lot.”
  • “I really enjoyed the class, the instructor and the cook. They made the class very enjoyable and learned a lot”

Research shows the effectiveness of nutrition education on disease prevention and management of chronic diseases. These nutrition education programs offered by MSU Extension educators provide you with tools and strategies that can help improve your health, manage and prevent chronic disease. You should always check with your health care provider before following any health recommendation.

If you are interested in learning more about Dining with Diabetes visit MSU Extension. If you would like to join our next Dining with Diabetes program in Lenawee County please call the MSU Extension Lenawee County office (517)-264- 5300 and register. 

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