Directing Replies in Outlook

Instructions on how to set up email replies to deliver to a different user in Outlook for Windows.

  1. Open a New Email.

  2. Complete all necessary Email Fields. (To, Subject, Content, etc.)
  3. Select the Options Tab from the Ribbon.
  4. Select Direct Replies To.

  5. In the Delivery Options section, choose Select Names.
    NOTE: Your name will automatically appear in the list of people who receive the replies unless you manually remove it.

  6. Search for and select the User you wish to have receive the replies to your email.
  7. Select Ok.

  8. Select Close.
  9. Select Send.

    Trainer Tip: Directing Replies is most useful when you are working with a team and sending time sensitive emails shortly before a vacation, conference, etc. By directing any replies you receive to a teammate who will be checking their email, any time sensitive information is responded to quickly.

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