Discover what makes “Michigan Fresh” at your farmers market

Michigan State University Extension developed “Michigan Fresh” initiative to help consumers learn how to tend to home gardens, use fresh produce and reduce spoilage.

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EAST LANSING, Mich. – Consumers who want to grow or purchase fresh, local produce can be overwhelmed when they arrive at farmers markets. Knowing what to buy and how to cook or preserve it can help people enjoy the bounty of Michigan’s gardens, orchards and fields.

Michigan State University (MSU) Extension developed“Michigan Fresh,” an initiative created to help consumers learn how to tend to home gardens, use fresh produce and reduce spoilage.

“Anybody who grows or eats produce in Michigan will benefit from the information provided by Michigan Fresh,” Steve Lovejoy, MSU Extension associate director, said. “We want to inform consumers so they can pick or purchase produce at their peak for flavor and nutrition.”

By accessing Michigan Fresh fact sheets online, at farmers markets and local nurseries, consumers can explore topics from preparing the produce in recipes to preserving it by canning, freezing or drying.

“MSU Extension experts across all of Michigan will be contributing to Michigan Fresh,” Lovejoy said. “Experts who specialize in the weekly topics will gather the relevant information and present it in Michigan Fresh.”

Beginning May 5, look for weekly Michigan Fresh fact sheets throughout the growing season.The fact sheets feature information on Michigan-grown produce, flowers and ornamentals, including varieties, storage, food safety and preservation.

The Michigan Fresh schedule will follow the growing season. At the beginning of the growing season, fact sheet information will focus on bedding plants and planting crops, and as the season progresses topics will include handling crops and preventing pest issues in the garden.

“We want well-informed and healthier consumers,” Lovejoy said. “Regardless if they are growing their own crops or purchasing fresh foods at farmers markets, we want Michigan residents to have a complete knowledge of fresh produce.”

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