Don’t forget your manners after your job interview

Whether you obtain the job or not, sending a well-written thank-you note is a positive step in the job-seeking process.

Job interviews are a great opportunity to make a positive impression and build a network regardless of whether or not you obtain the position. To ensure you gain these positive benefits from every interview, writing a thank-you note is a must.

Sending a thank-you email is often the quickest way to communicate after the interview. Since many hiring decisions are made the same day as the interview, writing an e-mail immediately following the interview ensures your appreciation for the opportunity is part of the decision while also keeping you at the front of the interviewers’ minds.

A written thank-you note, however, also goes a long way. Even if the position is offered to someone else, it demonstrates your interest in the organization and your ability to communicate in a professional manner. How better to demonstrate “effective written communication” than a well-crafted thank-you note? The hiring personnel at the company may file this thank you note in your file and your name might be more highly considered for future positions because of this extra contact. A clean and legible, handwritten note is a method to stand out in a positive manner.

The Seven Steps to a Great Thank-You Note document by Michigan State University Extension outlines the steps to writing a successful and effective thank-you note. The same steps apply whether a thank-you note is digital or handwritten.

The interview may be over, but the relationship opportunity is not; a thank-you note helps your employment chances grow. MSU Extension’s 4-H Youth Development has many additional resources to help youth as they prepare for careers.

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