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Skittles candy made the tagline “Eat a Rainbow” famous, but Mother Nature made the tagline healthy!

Skittles candy made the tagline “Eat a Rainbow” FORKS WITH FRUITfamous, but Mother Nature made the famous tagline healthy! Walk into any grocery store and look at the produce section or take a walk around your local farmer’s market and look at all the fresh produce available. It’s a sight to see all of the fruits and vegetables that come in every color of the rainbow. Even the pickiest eater can hardly resist sampling the colors of the rainbow that Mother Nature provided. Michigan State University Extension says that each color provides different vitamins, minerals and nutrients that our body’s need.

Red produce contains lycopene . Lycopene helps provide the reds with their red color, as well as helps lower our chances of getting certain cancers, lowers blood pressure, reduces joint pain associated with arthritis, helps with heart health and memory functions.

Orange produce contains beta-Carotene, which helps our bodies make vitamin A. Vitamin A helps us have healthy skin, improves our vision and overall good eye health and lowers the risk of certain cancers.

Yellow produce contains antioxidants that promote wound healing, and aids in digestion, supports a healthy immune system, lowers the risk of certain cancers, improves vision health and heart health.

Green produce contains fiber, calcium and folate. Folate is essential in a healthy pregnancy, helping to reduce birth defects, as well as helps to maintain vision health, strong bones and teeth and lowers the risk of some cancers.

Blue produce contains vitamin C, flavonoids and lutein. Blue produce also helps maintain urinary health, improve memory function, lower the risk of certain cancers and supports healthy aging.

Violet produce contains many of the same vitamins, nutrients and minerals as the other colors including resveratrol and zeaxanthin, which helps to boost immunity.

White produce helps reduce certain types of cancers, helps to keep your hormones balanced, maintain healthy cholesterol levels and maintain heart health.

Take a trip to your local grocery store or farmers market to enjoy any of these colors and the health benefits they bring.

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