Emily Alexander receives the 2019 Packaging Alumni Association Innovation Award

Emily Alexander is the winner of the 2019 Packaging Alumni Association Innovation Award

Emily Alexander graduated from the MSU School of Packaging (SoP) in 2011. She has remained connected to the SoP through PAA events, such as the Pack Expo alumni reception, as well as MSU Alumni Association events in the Seattle area.

Professionally, she began her career at Starbucks in January 2012 where she worked across a myriad of products and platforms such as gift packs, packaged food, ready-to-drink and food service packaging. Through balancing the desires of marketing and creative design groups with constraints of timing and manufacturing processes and capabilities, a skill she was introduced to through her SoP classes, she was able to drive the development of the consensus-based solution that became the strawless lid. She has recently taken the next step in her career, joining Darigold as a packaging development and co-pack manager. There, she hopes to use the expansion of her responsibilities to continue to grow and hone her development skills across a wider array of production constraints and environments.

In addition to her professional work, Emily is active within the Seattle cycling community as the current president for a nonprofit cycling team. She also provides race-night announcing services for the Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome.

She would like to thank her family – Bruce, Mary Jo and brother, Ben – for their love and support.

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