Enviroweather website modernization survey

Enviroweather seeks input from users as it plans to modernize the website for better and easier use.

We are excited to announce we are working on modernizing the Michigan State University Enviroweather website. This is a major undertaking and will involve changes in the programming structure as well as the website appearance. While the content and the data will not change, the way the website functions and the way information is displayed will change. Our aim is to make Enviroweather even better and easier to use. The new website will be “mobile-ready” with displays that are easier to see and navigate on a smart phone or tablet.

We are hoping you can help us ensure these changes meet the needs of our users, now and in the future. We have prepared separate, very short user surveys for each commodity and one for “general weather tools” (tools not specific to a particular crop). We are asking those who use Enviroweather to please take the relevant surveys. The more we know about user needs and desires, the better the decisions we can make.

Please take the following surveys relevant to you

We anticipate keeping this survey open through mid-March 2017. We will use your feedback to make decisions and produce prototypes of the new site. We will be soliciting feedback and advice on these prototypes.

We encourage you to share any and all comments anytime, but especially now. Please feel free to contact me, Beth Bishop, Enviroweather coordinator, at 517-432-6520 or eweather@msu.edu.

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