Fight childhood obesity

Take preventative measure to prevent childhood obesity.

Childhood obesity is a problem partially due to the lack of physical activity, poor food choices and busy schedules of both children and parents. Childhood obesity can lead to diabetes, hypertension and several adult onset chronic diseases. Prevention, which includes making gradual lifestyle changes, may prevent the occurrence of adult chronic diseases. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Adolescent and Childhood Obesity topic has a lot of resourceful information on healthy lifestyle changes for children and teens.

As adults we may eat even though we are not hungry. This may have been caused by past practices. The USDA has great preventative strategies for childhood obesity, such as correcting past practices. This is a great resource for involved parents, teachers, friends or others who want to help aid against youth obesity.

Michigan State University Extension suggests that to a lead healthier lifestyle, start by going outside and enjoying some physical activity such as walking, running or jumping rope. Don’t eat when you don’t want to, don’t eat when you are bored and chew every bite of food. Plan play dates for children which include learning new activities such as line dancing, double Dutch jump rope, jump rope for heart, or preparing for mini team walks as a group. The children will love the organized effort and this will instill team work, both two qualities to a healthy adult lifestyle.

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