Focus groups on variable rate seeding held throughout August 2018

Attend a variable rate seeding focus group to help us understand how you make seeding rate decisions so we can fine-tune our research and extension outreach. Stipend offered for those completing the survey.

Photo by Michigan State University Extension.

Michigan State University Extension is partnering with Ohio State University to hold three variable rate seeding focus groups during the month of August 2018. We are interested in learning more about how you make seeding rate decisions to fine-tune our research and extension outreach.

Participants will be asked to fill out a survey. Completion of the survey is not required for participation in the focus group, but those taking the survey will be paid $80. Additional topics during the focus group include creating seeding rate zones and ideal seeding rates within each zone, and an expert panel featuring Elizabeth Hawkins from Ohio State University.

Space is limited, so please register today for one of the following locations (see registration details below). Download the flier for more information.

Focus group meeting in Lansing, Michigan:

Focus group meeting in Fulton County, Ohio:

Focus group meeting in Columbus, Ohio:

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