Four tips when making bar cookies

Bar cookies are quick and easy to make and can be cut into any size.

If you want some quick and delicious cookies, make bar cookies. They are not only quick and delicious but they also freeze great.

Not all cookie dough can be frozen with good results. Soft meringue-type cookie dough does not freeze well at all. Chocolate chip, brownies, peanut butter, sugar cookie dough or anything similar, freezes well. 

Michigan State University Extension offers four tips on making bar cookies:
  1. Before pouring the bar cookie batter into the baking pan line the pan with foil, leaving two inches extra at each end. Add the batter, bake, and cool the bars in the lined pan as directed. Lift the foil to remove the cooled bars. Wrap the uncut bar cookies in aluminum foil, making sure they are tightly sealed with the foil, and freeze. Label it including the kind of bar cookie it is and the date. Frost and cut the bars after thawing them.
  2. Line the pan with aluminum foil, leaving 2 inches extra at each end, freeze the batter in the pan, then lift the batter out of the pan and wrap it completely in foil and label it, including the kind of bar cookie it is and the date place then it back in the freezer. When you are ready to bake the bar cookies, take it out of the freezer and put it in the pan, thaw it in the refrigerator about four to six hours and then bake as usual.
  3. It is important to wrap the bar cookies in airtight wrapping, whether they are baked or not. Air is a culprit to poor quality frozen foods.
  4. Label and date your bar cookies. Time is another culprit to poor quality frozen foods. For the best quality bake and eat the bar cookies within six months.

Keep your freezer at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Storing frozen foods at temperatures higher than 0 F increases the rate at which deterioration can take place and can shorten the shelf life of not only those delicious bar cookies, but all your frozen foods.

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