FSP and IAPRI Technical Training on Applied Econometrics and Stata

FSP in Zambia brings technical support to IAPRI, a think tank on agricultural policy analysis.

At the request of IAPRI, a think tank for policy analysis in Zambia and supported by FSP, MSU assistant professor Nicole Mason offered a technical training on applied econometrics and Stata, In Lusaka, Zambia, June 26, 2018.

The session served two purposes:
1. to be a refresher course for veteran IAPRI researchers who are mostly economists, and
2. to introduce new IAPRI researchers and non-economists to applied econometrics and Stata.

The researchers did a lot of hands-on practice using data that the IAPRI researchers had collected themselves (the Rural Agricultural Livelihoods Survey (RALS) data).

This activity fits within the objectives of FSP's capacity building components C1/C2. The material from this training is available here.


Nicky teaching

Participants - hands-on practice1-SM 

Participants - hands-on practice2-Cropped

Photos: IAPRI, June 2018



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