Grand Rapids area tree fruit update – June 7, 2022

Tree fruit is continuing fruit sizing, with most apples between 15-20 mm and stone fruit 20-2 5mm. Cooler conditions last week and expected this week.

Tree fruit.
Tree fruit in Sparta, Michigan, on June 6. Photo by Anna Wallis, MSU Extension.

Weather and phenology update

Over the past week in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area, conditions were much more seasonable than they have been for most of this spring. High temperatures for most of the week were in the low 70s (degrees Fahrenheit) and overnight lows in the upper 50-60s. As of June 6, the Michigan State University Sparta Enviroweather station has accumulated 898.8 degree days base 42 F (DD42). This is slightly above average, which is 830.3 DD42, and approximately three days ahead of normal.

It was a fairly dry week, with little to no accumulation recorded at most of the weather stations for most of the day Wednesday through the weekend. Over Sunday and Monday, most places received approximately 0.1 inch of rainfall.

Tree fruit is continuing to size. A very good potential crop is setting well in most locations. Most varieties of apples are between 15-20 mm. Earlier blocks and varieties such as Ginger Gold and Zestar are nearing 30 mm. Peaches and cherries are continuing to size as well.

This week, expect cooler than average temperatures, with highs in the low 70s and overnight lows in the 50s. There will be several chances for rain over the course of the week as several fronts move across the region. Most precipitation is likely on Wednesday, with possible accumulation around 0.25 inches. Thursday and Friday there will be additional chances for rain, but most of these will be in the form of scattered showers, with only a few hundredths of an inch predicted. This will be followed by dry conditions over the weekend. Afterward, a gradual but noticeable warming trend is predicted. This will begin as early as Monday or Tuesday next week and continue over the course of the next few weeks.

Degree day accumulation at Enviroweather stations in the Grand Rapids area

Weather Station Degree Days Base 32 from Jan. 1 Degree Days Base 42 from Jan. 1 Degree Days Base 50 from Jan. 1
Aetna - Fremont 1563.3 862.4 483.6
Alpine 1669.9 929.7 528.1
Belding 1631 908.4 521.5
Clarksville (CRC) 1682.1 932.4 531.4
Conklin 1652.7 915.9 512.2
Fremont 1592.1 878.7 498.7
Grant 1609.4 888.4 503.8
Kent City 1605.6 888.8 503.6
Reeman-Fremont 1593.1 873.6 489
Sparta 1624.5 898.8 507.5
Sparta 20m Tower 1636.6 904.8 510.1
Sparta - North 1640.9 910.7 515.4
Standale 1730.3 968.5 559.7
Average DD from Sparta historical data for Jan. 1 to date 1601.1 830.3 438.6
Comparative Date of Averages @ Sparta 7-Jun 9-Jun 11-Jun
Days +/- Average @ Sparta + 1 day  + 3 days + 5 days

For these updates, we used averages for 1997-2021 from the Michigan Automated Weather Network (MAWN) to represent normal conditions. Weather data was gathered from MSU Enviroweather.

More information and reports on normal weather conditions and departures from normal can be found on the NOAA Climate Prediction Center website, NOAA U.S. Climate Normals website, NOAA Climate Normals Quick Access Page (which may be searched by region) and Midwest Regional Climate Center website.

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