Handy tool for your business location research tool belt

MEDC Zoom Prospector adds important area demographics to real estate listings.

If you’re an entrepreneur fresh out the gate or a seasoned veteran business owner knowing the ins and outs of an area is an important part of selecting a new community to open your business or a secondary location. There are tools available to help make the research simple for you. One of those tools is the Real Estate Database or Zoom Prospector provided free of charge from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). 

Some of the features that Zoom Prospector offers are: property and site availability, community demographics and multiple city comparisons. The site includes valuable information to consider when comparing different sites including; labor force, demographics, consumer spending, housing, etc. Michigan State University Extension partner Northern Lakes Economic Alliance (NLEA) utilizes zoom prospector when assisting current and potential companies in the four counties the NLEA covers. 

The NLEA offers assistance depending on your expertise and background, to help you continue to grow your business. They offer a wide range of trainings and workshops; utilizing the most comprehensive academic and economic development resources available today from our many federal, state and local partners. Whether you are a new business start-up, or Fortune 500 company seeking to expand, their experienced staff will help you with a wide variety of industry-specific issues, and challenges, then work with you on an on-going basis to identify and prepare for growth opportunities.

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