Healthy youth club activity sheets

New Healthy Youth Activity sheets can be done with youth to help stress the importance of nutrition and being active.

The Michigan 4-H Youth Development Program promotes Healthy Living as an important program that should be addressed with all 4-H members. Towards the end of the 4-H Pledge, 4-H members pledge their health to better living. As a leader or adult working with youth, it is important health is talked about and programming is incorporated into club meeting and activities.

A set of Healthy Youth Activity sheets were recently developed by Michigan State University Extension that can be used at club meetings, camps or after-school settings. Each activity provides the leader with a list of supplies that are needed and some background information about the activity.

The sheets also provide a list of reflection questions that should be asked after youth participate in the activities. These questions are part of the Experiential Learning Model that allows kids to do, reflect and apply what they are learning to everyday life and situations.

The Healthy Youth Activity series currently includes:

To learn more about other 4-H healthy living programming taking place in your area, visit your local MSU Extension office

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