High school students from AIMS discover the field of packaging

The ANR Institute for Multicultural Students (AIMS) is a one-week long program designed to give high school students exposure to the multitude of educational fields, such as packaging, that are offered in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

On July 10 and 24, the School of Packaging welcomed groups from the ANR Institute for Multicultural Students (AIMS) program to discover education and career opportunities in packaging and participate in fun science demonstrations. Unfamiliar with the diverse fields at the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, these young students traveled from cities all across Michigan to Michigan State's campus to learn more. If you are a high school student interested in AIMS, you may find out more at the CANR site.






AIMS Demo 7Graduate students from Dr. Bix's and Dr. Rabnawaz's research groups had the pleasure of engaging these students in packaging-related demos. In one demo, Alyssa Harben and Jiyon Lee taught students how to use an eye-tracker and educated them on the value of eye-tracking experiments in packaging.



In a second demo, Krystal Cheng and Zhao Li introduced students to some innovative solutions in sustainable packaging and showed students how to make their own edible water bottle from naturally-occurring ingredients.  

AIMS Demo 5

 We hope these AIMS participants enjoyed their visits and thank the AIMS organizers for opening doors to the field of packaging for these students. 

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