Huron County weather observation network – May 2011

A synopsis of May 2011 weather in Huron County.

For more than 30 years, select cooperators from around Huron County have assisted in collecting weather data, including rainfall and growing-degree days (GDD) base 50°F at their farms.

Twenty-five cooperators returned rainfall accumulations for the month. The average rainfall for those reported for the month was 3.55 inches. The eastern half of the county was wetter than the western half. The average rainfall accumulation for eastern Huron County was 4.43 inches as compared to 2.74 inches to the west. The greatest accumulation, 6.05 inches, was recorded in Bingham Township, near Ubly. The least amount of accumulation, 1.90 inches, was recorded in Hume Township, between Kinde and Port Austin.

Rainfall accumulation for 2010 in Huron County was 3.35 inches, or 0.20 inches less than this year. The 20-year average has been 3.19 inches of rainfall accumulation, or 0.36 inches less than May 2011.

Four cooperators collected GDD data. The average accumulation in the county for the month of May was 269.6 GDD base 50°F. The 2010 GDD accumulation for Huron County was 247.4 GDD base 50°F, or 22.2 GDDs fewer than this year. The 20-year average has been 194.0 GDD base 50°F, or 75.6 GDDs fewer than this year.

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