ID Synthesis I Project 3: Peter Cat's Home

ID Synthesis I Project 3: Peter Cat's Home by Wei Wan

Author: Wei Wan

Class: IDES 252 Interior Design Synthesis I


This space will be a residential space for animator Miyazaki Hayao, and author Murakami Haruki. It will also incorporate a commercial space for Miyazaki to sell the sustainably designed toys. There should be a space for both residents to live and work comfortably. The residential space will have a quiet and peaceful atmosphere to allow relaxation and working efficiency. The residential area should have privacy and security form the commercial space that is open to the public. Murakami's space should be flexible for his wife when she is with him. Since both residents are aged, both residential and commercial areas should be barrier free to allow them to access.


Since the space will be located near a woodlot in Tsukuba-Shi, Japan, which rains a lot from March to October, some special structures will be provided for rain collection to achieve eco-effectiveness. The exterior form and color will be moderate to have less visual interference for the surroundings. Since Miyazaki likes classic style and Murakami likes industrial style, the design should be different for their space, but one should not clash with the other. The color scheme will be a split complementary color scheme for the interior space and a monochromatic color scheme for the exterior.


The budget will be unlimited. The clients are willing to pay for the sustainable materials, which will lower life-cycle cost.


The space will be long-lasting. The clients will occupy the residential space based on their own schedule. The commercial space will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. for security concern.


This board (1 of 4) by Wei Wan features a problem statement, client profiles, a special chair description, an adjacency matrix and key, a criteria matrix and key, and a bubble diagram and key.




This board (2 of 4) by Wei Wan features a hand-drafted exterior elevation, a site plan, and material selections and key.



This board (3 of 4) by Wei Wan features a hand-drafted floor plan.




This board (4 of 4) by Wei Wan features hand-drafted section A and B views, and furniture selections and key.

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