Ingredients to turn your home food business into a commercial business

Starting a commercial food business or changing your business activities to a commercial business will affect much more than just the licensing of your product. Learn where you can gain more knowledge about the steps needed to accomplish this.

Starting a new commercial food business is a lot of work and takes some serious capital. Businesses often start their business out by making direct sales under the Cottage Food Law to gather consumer feedback. This allows the company to slowly scale up their production and increase their effectiveness to meet consumer demand. Once this avenue of sales is perfected, businesses usually decide to wholesale their product to grocery stores and other outlets. This step drastically changes all business factors and should only be engaged in once the business has seriously considered what is vitally necessary for this step. 

The MSU Product Center offers the seminar Cottage to Commercial: Ingredients for a Successful Food Business in Michigan each year at many locations around the state. This fall the seminar is being held at the following locations with their registration links: 

Oct. 1, 3-5 p.m., Muskegon County, South Campus

Oct. 16, 10-Noon, Mason, Hilliard Bldg

Nov. 11, 10-Noon, Grand Rapids, MSU Extension

This seminar is perfect for a business that is interested in starting a commercial food business based on their favorite recipe or a value-added agriculture product. The seminar is especially useful for business owners that want to go beyond the limits of the Michigan Cottage Food Law by becoming licensed to sell to stores. More importantly, if a business has a food product that is a sauce, salsa, pickled vegetable, beverage, dairy product, meat product, they will learn the special regulations that surround these types of products. 

The MSU Product Center, in partnership with Michigan State University Extension, provides free business counseling for product development and marketing strategies that will help Michigan entrepreneurs commercialize high-value, consumer–responsive food products. For more information, visit the MSU Product Center website or call 517-432-8750.

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