Jenny Hellman

Jenny will participate in the Graduate Certificate while working full time at Growing Bridges LLC.

Jenny Hellman, Weyerhaeuser Fellow

Jenny Hellman

Current Location: Tulsa, Oklaholma

Current Position: CEO and Founder, Growing Bridges LLC

Previous Education: BS Petroleum Engineering, magna cum laude, University of Tulsa (2004-2008)

What are your responsibilities at Growing Bridges LLC?

Wearing all the hats as the founder of a nature-based carbon offsetting startup working on reforestation and afforestation projects in Oklahoma!

How do you see completing the Graduate Certificate as fitting in with your career and/or career goals?

Completing this certificate program is giving me the tools and confidence to run a nature-based carbon offsetting company. It is also giving me the language to be able to communicate effectively with foresters, carbon experts, and financers in the carbon offsetting arena within the USA.

What specific knowledge and skills do you expect to strengthen with this program?

Learning the history of carbon offset markets around the world over the last 30+ years. Learning the basics of forest carbon measurements. Learning how best to engage and work alongside the communities where we are implementing carbon offsetting projects. Learning the right questions to ask as we design and implement and a carbon offsetting project! (Trying to eliminate as many of the "unknown unknowns" as possible). Learning more about the current actors in this space - on the policy side, the NGO side and the business side.

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