Laura Bix: Making a Difference

Laura Bix is a professor at the School of Packaging in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Dr. Laura Bix

Laura Bix is a professor at the School of Packaging in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. She was appointed, and currently serves as the United States delegate to ISO TC122 WG 9, a group which is developing international standards related to the accessibility of packages. In 2008 she was named one of the 100 most notable people in the medical device industry by Medical Devices and Diagnostics Industry.

I believe that the best solutions to problems occur at the intersection of art and science. This belief, coupled with the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of packaging, and my father’s work in the field, were central to my choice to be a packaging major.

Packaging is an interdisciplinary field integrating science, engineering, technology, management and art to protect and identify products for distribution, storage, sale, use and disposal. Although packaging may not be an obvious response to emerging global problems (e.g., obesity, food scarcity and waste, and illness caused from microorganisms or toxic substances), it has the potential to favorably improve each (and many others). In short, it is a really interesting way to make a difference.

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