Learning about health services on college visits

Consider taking a visit to the health centers to learn about the different services that are offered.

Attention students and the parents of students planning to attend college! Have you taken a visit to a college you’re interested in attending after high school? According to Michigan State University Extension, taking college visits allows a student to become familiar with a college campus and it can help lead a student to choose the school he or she wants to attend. Along with visiting the academic departments and residence halls at the college, there are other places a student should try to visit on a college campus. For example, students can take the time to learn about service learning centers to get involved with community service activities, career centers to prepare for their future career after college graduation, study abroad centers to learn about educational opportunities in other countries, academic support for assistance with their school work and counseling services for personal counseling and support.

Think about this. When students are in college – where can they go if a sickness comes up or they get hurt? A sickness or injury can happen anytime to anyone and it is important for a student in college to know where to go when this happens. Therefore, another place to consider visiting is the health center on the college campus. For example, Michigan State University has the Olin Health Center through Student Health Services. This health center offers different services for students and has information available for parents.

As students and parents are visiting a college campus, find the location of the health center. Consider asking questions like:

  • What kinds of services are offered at the health center?
  • Is there a central location for the health center or are there health centers in various locations around campus?
  • How is health insurance covered?
  • What type of educational resources and/or outreach programs do they offer?

Future college students should not underestimate the importance of learning where the local health/medical centers are located at their potential college/university. Take the time to learn the procedures of checking into the health centers and get as much information as possible from educational resources that they may offer for a person’s physical health. Information about different health matters from the health centers can help prevent sickness during the college years. During these years, it is important for students to be healthy, stay healthy, and if needed, take the right steps for healing and recovery during a sickness or injury.

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