Lee Bialozynski

Lee Bialozynski will participate in the Graduate Certificate while working full time at Standing Nation LLC in Milwaukie, Oregon.

Lee Bialozynski, Weyerhaeuser Fellow

Lee Bialozynski

Current Location: Milwaukie, Oregon

Current Position: Principal, Standing Nation LLC

Previous Education: Graduate Certificate in Sustainability from Portland State University, Master of Science in Forestry Resources from University of Washington, and a Bachelor of Science in Forest Administration from University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point.

What are your responsibilities at Standing Nation LLC?

Execute client communications and managerial duties associated with a forest finance and investment advisory firm. Serve impact investors, conservation organizations, and tribal entities in a timely and professional manner. Oversee transactional and investment analytics including forest valuation, carbon project feasibility, growth and yield projections, risk mitigation and cash flow analysis.

How do you see completing the Graduate Certificate as fitting in with your career and/or career goals?

This Certificate will provide the academic foundation and the professional contacts on which to build a career in the forest carbon space. I have found information on forest carbon to be unlike any other aspect of forestry. Namely, because of its comprehensive (and somewhat convoluted manner) it necessitates a structured learning format. I foresee it providing the exposure and knowledge base on which to gain hands-on experience in the field.

What specific knowledge and skills do you expect to strengthen with this program?

Information on international forest carbon policy, measurements and monitoring protocol, carbon cycles and sinks, atmospheric functions in relation to climate control, financial and economic considerations, human elements of carbon policy, carbon pricing and market mechanisms.

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