Life skill development impacts made for youth in Michigan in 2015

Michigan State University Extension is helping children and youth develop life skills so all kids can succeed in life. Let’s explore the impact that was made in 2015.

Through direct interaction with youth and adults working with youth, Michigan State University Extension provided intentional life skill development training and experiences that reached over 800 adults and teen volunteers and 11,250 youth in 2015. Of those surveyed:

  • 99 percent of adults reported they could identify the connection between 4-H participation, life skills development and academic success.
  • 98 percent of youth said they were aware of the life skills they were learning in 4-H, and 93 percent could identify those life skills.

Some examples of these programs or training included:

  • 4-H Exploration Days: A session is focused on personal life skill development, healthy living and communication.
  • Training around recordkeeping and the 4-H State Recognition Program for older youth.
  • County-based presentations at meetings or leader training to focus on the experiential learning and targeting life skill model.
  • Hands-on learning around project topics with infused discussion and reflection about life skills and applying what has been learned into everyday life.
  • Healthy living focused camps or activities.

MSU Extension reaches youth from birth through age 19. Through the total lifespan of a child, MSU Extension is helping provide resources to parents, caregivers, teachers, leaders and community members about positive youth development and strategies to help youth develop skills to be successful.

To learn more about the impact being made in MSU Extension’s children and youth programming, read our Children and Youth Programming Impact Reports.

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