Livestock and poultry presentations for beginning farmers archived

Presentations on a wide variety of livestock production topics for people new to agriculture are online and free for viewing.

New livestock and poultry farmers or those interested in adding a livestock or poultry enterprise to their operation are invited to view any or all of the archived Michigan State University Extension Beginning Farmer Webinar Series. These programs are available free for viewing at any time at the Beginning Farmer Webinar Series website.

The series has been on-going since 2012 and a total of 36 educational programs have since been recorded and are available for online viewing. The eight programs listed below are specific to livestock and poultry topics. Each program is a “stand-alone” educational seminar presented by one or more MSU staff, with help from a few non-MSU presenters.

  1. Getting started with animal-based enterprises (U.P. specific), April 20, 2012, by Frank Wardynski
  2. Getting started with grazing, Jan. 9, 2013, by Jerry Lindquist, Frank Wardynski, Warren Schauer
  3. Getting started with grass-finished beef, Jan. 23, 2013, by Jason Rowntree, Kable Thurlow, Frank Wardynski
  4. Getting started with manure storage, handling and mortality management on small farms, Feb. 11, 2015, by Shelby Burlew
  5. Getting started with sheep and goat management, March 2, 2015, by Mike Metzger
  6. Getting started with beef cow-calf production, March 25, 2015, by Frank Wardynski, Kable Thurlow, Katelyn Thompson
  7. Getting started with poultry production, April 20, 2015, by Darrin Karcher
  8. Getting started with beef feedlot management, April 29, 2015, by Frank Wardynski, Katelyn Thompson

A new series of 23 MSU Extension Beginning Farmer Webinars for 2016 is planned for January through April. There will be a $10 fee for each program, or you may register for all 23 and get a 50 percent discount. Registration for the new series is at the 2016 Beginning Farmer Webinar Series Registration page.

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