Cropping Systems – Agronomy: Dr. Maninder Singh

Research in the lab focuses on how agronomic management practices influence crop productivity, profitability, and resiliency in the context of modern farming practices, climatic patterns, and economic conditions.

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Research Opportunities: 

Graduate Research Assistantship (Ph.D.) in Cropping Systems Agronomy

The Cropping Systems Agronomy program at Michigan State University is looking for a graduate research assistant. Benefits include stipend (~$26,000), tuition waiver, and health insurance. Individuals applying should have a M.S. degree in agronomy, biology, or a related discipline.

Position: Research is focused on integrated management strategies in developing productive, profitable, and climate resilient cropping systems for the Midwestern US. Field trials will be conducted in multiple states (MI, OH, and KY) and focused on evaluating the role of crop diversity (including small grains and cover crops), biochar application, N management, and tillage practices on agronomic productivity and profitability, soil health and C balance, and greenhouse gases emissions. Communication of research results to various stakeholders is an important component of this research project.

Additionally, there will be opportunities to participate and lead other ongoing projects in the lab, focused on various agronomic management practices including crop rotations, precision planting, planting decisions including variety selection and seeding rates, and plant-pathogen interactions. The overall goal of our research and extension program is to provide current, unbiased, and scientifically sound agronomic management information to farmers across the state of Michigan and beyond. For more details, email the contact person below.

Availability: Starting Summer 2021

Application: Students will be required to formally apply to the Michigan State University Graduate School (contact Mackenzie Graham, In addition to formal application, send a copy of CV including research and extension experiences, research statement, GRE and TOEFL (if required) scores, and academic transcripts to the contact person below.

Maninder Singh
Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist
Cropping Systems Agronomy
Dept. of Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences
Michigan State University
1066 Bogue Street, Room A482
East Lansing, MI 48824



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