Michigan business entrepreneur credits success to 4-H upbringing

A local Michigan business entrepreneur and former 4-H'er credits the youth development organization with his business accomplishments.

A local Michigan business entrepreneur and former 4-H’er credits the youth development organization with his business accomplishments.

Having an interest in wildlife since he became a 4-H’er at the age of 12, Dave Kugler, owner and founder of Critter Catchers Inc. in Ortonville, Mich., wanted to find a way to incorporate his interest with business.

Founded in 2005, Critter Catchers provides timely and professional wildlife solutions while performing humane wildlife control in southeastern Michigan.

“I am drawing from my foundation that was developed as a young kid in 4-H,” Kugler said. Kugler was a member of the Bits-N-Spurs 4-H Club in Lapeer County from age 12 to 18.

“The program really helped me understand the importance of project management at a young age,” said Kugler. “Being a member of the Bits-N-Spurs club taught me a lot about people and leadership. I remember all the teamwork that we engaged in to prepare for the annual fair. Similarly, business is primarily about interacting with people and being a strong leader.”

Kugler credits his experience in 4-H for many of the values he holds today and incorporates into his business.

“Kids grow up and enter into a career, or start a business as I have done,” said Kugler. “The description of 4-H Revolution of Responsibility very closely describes how I operate Critter Catchers.”

4-H Revolution of Responsibility is a movement for positive change within communities throughout America. Youth across the country are making a difference in the areas they live in by doing the right thing and combating obstacles.

“It is important for kids to build a solid foundation of values that can be used later in life,” said Kugler. “Participating in 4-H connects kids that both share a similar passion and have parents that are actively involved in supporting their passion. That experience contributes to the building of a good, solid foundation in kids. Eventually, kids grow up and enter into a career or start a business as I have done.”

For more information on Critter Catchers, visit www.crittercatchersinc.com or call 248‑432-2712.

To find out more information about your local 4-H chapter or to become involved, visit http://msue.anr.msu.edu/topic/info/4_h.


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