Michigan certified pesticide applicators: Time to renew your certification?

Now is the time to renew your pesticide certification if it expires Dec. 31, 2014.

It is certification renewal package mailing time for those of you having Dec. 31, 2014 expiration dates on your certificates, also known as your purple or green cards. The renewal notice and other important information will arrive by mail the first week of October. The mailing address the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) uses is the one given at last renewal. Applicators who moved since October 2011 and did not change their address with MDARD might not receive the renewal notice. The MDARD Call Center, 1-800-292-3939, can assist you if you do not receive the mailing.

For applicators renewing by exam, the renewal package will have a schedule of where and when exam sessions will be in your area. Many of these will have a Core Manual review class in the morning and exams in the afternoon. The reviews are done by Michigan State University Extension educators or MSU Pesticide Safety. The MSU Pesticide Safety Education Program posts information and costs of programs it conducts on their website, www.pested.msu.edu. Extension programs are posted on the MSU Extension Events page. Save time and expenses of traveling to the regional exam locations by taking advantage of these sessions in your area.

Applicators renewing by exam must reserve a seat online at www.michigan.gov/pestexam, or by phone with the Call Center, 1-800-292-3939. This insures all of the exams you need are available that day.

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