Midwest Chestnut Producers Council launches new industry publication

Check out the inaugural issue of Chestnut Industry News.

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In an effort to better serve all Michigan chestnut growers and improve industry communication, the Midwest Chestnut Producers Council has partnered with Chestnut Growers Inc. and Michigan State University Extension to publish a new biannual chestnut industry newsletter.

The first issue of Chestnut Industry News has just been published and includes industry updates from Chestnut Growers Inc., Midwest Chestnut Producers Council and MSU Extension. Articles include farm resources that address COVID-19, the infectious disease caused by novel coronavirus, chestnut weevil management information and pesticide applicator resources. The newsletter also features a grower-written column called “From the Orchard,” which directly shares farmer experience and knowledge. 

Newsletters will be available for free download at the MSU Extension Chestnut website and distributed to membership of the Midwest Chestnut Producers Council and Chestnut Growers Inc.

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