Modern Vacation Home Project: Castle Rock Cabin

Modern Vacation Home Project: Castle Rock Cabin by Danyel Zmudka


Danyel Zmudka


IDES 250 CAD and Structural Systems

Project Description

Create a space to function as a vacation rental unit for up to two guests. This structure will depict modern interior and exterior styles, and include high-end finish materials and amenities. The interior will feature an open concept plan and include an open loft.


This project was created using various forms of medium including: Freehand sketch, SketchUp, Shaderlight and Adobe Creative Suite.


Castle Rock Cabin will blur the line between indoors and outdoors by borrowing characteristics from the captivating style of inverted interior design. The use of exterior features and raw elements will be utilized throughout the interior to make the outdoors feel contiguous with the indoor space. The feeling of transitioning between two separate spaces will be lifted from visitors as they enter the home. Yet the sheltering comfort that four walls and a roof provide will still remain. The remote location of the Redwood Forest in California will inspire a modern cabin style for the home. Inverted design features will include: Indoor spaces inspired by outdoor living, material and furniture selections inspired by the adjacent natural environment, and the integration of wildlife.

What is an Inverted Interior?

Inspired by life beyond a wall, inverted interiors become captivating spaces that are unique compared to typical interior design. Nature’s elements and outdoor features are carried into a structure and blur the line between indoor and outdoor living.


This rendering by Danyel Zmudka features a rendered perspective view of the loft.






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