MSU Extension to host training on emergency response to accidents involving livestock May 18 in Imlay City

First responders and law enforcement can register to attend this hands-on training to be better prepared to manage and respond to accidents involving livestock.

Photo of people gathered around a pen of cows.

Michigan State University Extension (MSU Extension)’s Emergency Response to Accidents Involving Livestock (ERAIL) program trains first responders, law enforcement officials and animal agriculture industry workers to respond to accidents involving livestock. MSU Extension will host an in-person, hands-on ERAIL training on Saturday, May 18 at the Eastern Michigan Fairgrounds in Imlay City, Michigan, for professionals who may be called on to respond to an accident involving animals. 

Participants in the ERAIL training will receive instruction on animal handling and behavior, and how to handle compromised animals. Participants will also have the opportunity to use handling equipment to move cattle, horses, pigs and sheep, while under the instruction of species experts. A portion of the program will focus on honey bees and the equipment used to manage them, since honey bee colonies are frequently transported to support Michigan’s diverse agriculture industry. An ERAIL response trailer stocked with equipment, horse trailers, and a large livestock transport trailer will be available for participants to view and tour during the training. 

By participating in the ERAIL training, Michigan first responders and their partner stakeholders will be poised to better respond to accidents involving livestock effectively, thereby reducing risks to public safety, animal welfare and the negative economic impacts that these events can have on food production. These combined efforts will help minimize economic and welfare risks facing the animal agriculture industry when these events occur. 

Registration information can be found by visiting the ERAIL training registration webpage. The cost of this training is $75 per person or $60 per person for groups of two or more. Registration is limited, so please register promptly. Questions about the training can be directed to Jerad Jaborek, Beth Ferry, Tom Guthrie or Paola Bacigalupo-Sanguesa. 

Register for the May 18 ERAIL Training 

This ERAIL training is part of the larger ERAIL program, which supports Michigan’s animal agriculture industry by preparing professionals to respond to accidents that involve animals through: 

  • Training first responders and animal transport professionals on how to respond effectively to transportation accidents when animals are involved. 
  • Providing access to essential equipment required to mount an effective response and training in its proper use. 
  • Creating an organized network of trained responders throughout the state. 

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