MSU Tops the List of Landscape Architecture Rankings

A study recently published in Landscape Journal named MSU #1 in scholarly productivity and impact for landscape architecture faculty.

An article published in the most recent edition of Landscape Journal indicated that Michigan State University’s Landscape Architecture Program tops the rankings in multiple research categories using Google Scholar data sets. A study titled, “Evaluating Scholarly Productivity and Impacts of Landscape Architecture Faculty Using Citation Analysis,” led by Drs. Keunhyun Park of the University of British Columbia and Thomas W. Sanchez of Virginia Tech sought to quantitatively evaluate the scholarly productivity and impact of landscape architecture faculty throughout North America.

The researchers analyzed Google Scholar data for four different citation measures. The measures included total number of citations; h-index, a measure of scholarly impact designed by the researchers; individual h-index, a measure adjusting for co-authorship effects on the h-index value; and average annual increase in individual h-index, a measure designed to adjust for both career length and co-authorship effects on the h-index value.

“Being listed as the top research landscape architecture program requires a great amount of dedication, hard work and unwavering determination from each faculty member,” said MSU-LA Program Director Dr. Jun-Hyun Kim.

Michigan State ranked first in median number of citations as well as first in h-index, the study’s measure of overall impact. MSU also ranked second in annual h-index, the measure of impact that adjusted for the effects of career length and co-authorship.

“Our faculty members have exemplified these qualities through their research performance, which translates to the high-quality education they offer to our students. I’m thrilled with our faculty’s commitment to excellence,” added Dr. Kim.

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