MSU Upper Peninsula research center field day will “focus on efficiency”

Join us July 23 in Chatham for field tours and presentations on crop production, livestock and wind electric generation.

Farmers, industry people and anyone else interested are cordially invited to the bi-annual field day at the MSU Research Center in Chatham on July 23. The program is free and open to the public.

The field day will begin at 10:15 AM with registration. Tours of research plots will include the new “dairy-beef” pilot project, alternative bioenergy crops for the Upper Peninsula, three-year switchgrass trial, and RoundUp herbicide effectiveness in corn. The research plot tours will be repeated at 3:30 PM for those unable to participate at 10:30 AM.

Additional programs include weed identification workshops in pastures and field crops, programs for artificial beef breeding, a talk and tour of summer annual grazing crops including Italian rye grass and Mastergraze corn, and wind anemometer tower results and possibilities.

Dr. Janice Swanson, chairperson of the MSU Department of Animal Science, will speak to the group on developments at MSU and Michigan’s role in framing the future.

Lunch is sponsored by the Hiawathaland Farm Bureau and ice cream cones will be offered for sale as an Alger County 4-H fundraiser. Click here for a program flyer and driving directions.

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