NCI 2023 Year in Review

NCI's 2023 Year in Review: Detailing the year's efforts and accomplishments.

4 NCI Charrette System Certificate Courses

  • 2 Synchronous Courses (March and December)
  • 1 In-Person Course Held in Detroit (May)
  • 1 Synchronous Course in Partnership with Yonsei University in South Korea

Over 3,800 Certificate Holders


3 Charrettes

  • An Organizational Strategic Plan for the Community Action of Alger and Marquette
  • A Charrette to Socialize and Develop an Urban Initiative with the University of Kentucky Extension
  • A National Charrette-Conference to Develop Urban, Indoor and Emerging Agriculture Proposals

7 Facilitations

  • Michigan Department of Natural Resources – Focus Groups for the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan
  • Michigan State Housing Development Authority – Helping Design the Launch of the Statewide Housing Plan
  • Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge – Team Building and Visioning
  • MSU SPDC Construction Management Program – Working with Construction Management Students and Student Organic Farmers to Develop a Research Project
  • East Lansing Downtown Development Authority – Developing a Vision and Exploring an Organizational Structure to Achieve It
  • Setting Group Goals for Growth – A New Partnership with MSU Extension to Help Groups Define a Vision
  • Michigan State University – Designing and Facilitating a Process For Its 2/13 Memorial

2 Conferences

  • Athens Institute for Education and Research in Greece
  • Engagement Scholarship Consortium in East Lansing, MI

2 MSU Extension Programs

NCI Staff are Part of Teaching Teams for MSU Extension’s:

  • Facilitative Leadership Program
  • Advanced Facilitative Leadership Program

1 Webinar

  • Webinar on Resiliency in Partnership with the Michigan Association of Planning

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