New Snapshots available in 4-H program areas

See the latest Snapshot summaries for Shooting Sports, Environmental Science and Outdoor Experiences to introduce youth to these exciting 4-H project areas.

Three new Snapshots are available for 4-H staff, leaders, youth and others interested in project areas for youth to get involved. Snapshots are a summary of 4-H project areas that provide an overview of opportunities and valuable outcomes for youth. The three Snapshots are Shooting Sports, Environmental Sciences and Outdoor Experiences.

The Michigan 4-H Shooting Sports Snapshot gives youth an introduction to this project area and what they can expect. Information includes what you will do when first starting out in a shooting sports program such as safety practices, proper care of a firearm or bow, shooting mechanics and creating relationships with adults and youth. Learning more about competitive shooting, improved shooting accuracy, ammunition and more is included for further participation. Further involvement is explained for youth who pursue a larger role. Resources and specific examples are identified for how to get involved. The major focus of shooting sports is youth development, which is explained in the Snapshot in detail.

The Michigan 4-H Environmental Science Snapshot explains how principles of science and ecology help youth to develop a sense of value, sensitivity and stewardship toward the environment. Solutions to environmental issues are explained while taking a closer look at careers related to natural resources. Great examples of how to get involved are provided including participation at the 4-H Great Lakes Natural Resource Camp and 4-H Youth Conservation Council along with contacts for more information.

The Michigan 4-H Outdoor Experiences Snapshot is heavily focused on the Outdoor Adventure Challenge program. Experiences in the outdoors engage youth like no other and enhance skills related to leadership, confidence, problem-solving and more. This Snapshot provides a clear understanding of the many great activities available and valuable skills that are developed.

4-H Snapshots are intended to provide an overview of a specific project area so youth and families can make an informed decision if the project area is something that interests them. Leaders, volunteers and parents are encouraged to obtain copies and share with others who may be interested in specific project areas. Michigan State University Extension encourages all youth and adults to gather valuable information through Snapshots and get involved in these and other outstanding 4-H program opportunities.

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