New video resources in tree fruit pathology from MSU

Tree fruit growers can watch a wide range of instructional videos covering many major diseases of apples and cherries, as well as fungicide resistance management.

The Michigan State University Tree Fruit Pathology Lab has recently released 12 short instructional videos on a variety of subjects. Major diseases of apples and cherries are covered, including apple scab, fire blight, apple canker disease and cherry leaf spot. Separate videos covering fungicide resistance management and in-depth summaries of individual fungicide groups will also be presented.

The videos are available on YouTube through the channel called “Tree Fruit Pathology.”

Individual videos currently available

Fire blight

Apple scab


New apple canker disease in Michigan

Bacterial canker

Current plans over the winter months will be to upload an additional 10 to 15 instructional videos covering topics related to diseases and disease management, including:

  • Multi-site fungicides for apple
  • Single-site fungicides for apple scab management
  • Reducing apple scab spore load
  • Anilinopyrimdine fungicides for apple scab management
  • Strobilurin fungicides for tree fruit disease management
  • Second-generation sterol-inhibitor fungicides for apple scab management
  • SDHI fungicides for apple scab management
  • Use of Apogee for shoot blight management

In addition, we will be releasing additional videos as the 2013 season develops that will accompany our tree fruit pathology-related Michigan State University Extension News articles.

Dr. Sundin's work is funded in part by MSU's AgBioResearch.

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