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When you support MSU Extension, you help participants learn how to improve their communities.

MSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteers Improve Communities Every Year

  • Ogemaw County Master Gardeners volunteered 353 hours in 2016 to support community-based garden projects. Projects educate residents on how to grow plants that beautify communities, improve local environments, and provide nutritional local food.
  • Master Gardeners distributed printed materials, in-person, from the popular MSU Extension “Smart Gardening” series at many local businesses and events.
  • Ogemaw County honored long-standing Master Gardener volunteer Lillian White of Ogemaw Master Gardeners & Friends, for her 16 years of service and 1,870 volunteer hours.
  • A long-awaited Master Gardening Course is currently scheduled in Ogemaw County for Fall 2017, which will produce additional volunteers in the county. The class is filled to maximum capacity.

Gardening Education Comes to the County

A free public “Pollinator Education Day” at the West Branch Regional Medical Center took place on May 17. In partnership with the Tolfree Foundation, several MSU Horticulture experts presented science-based information and demonstrations on how home gardeners can help bee and insect pollinator rehabilitation efforts.

The Best Resource for Home Gardening Assistance

  • MSU Extension is the leading expert on Home Gardening Questions. The public can get questions answered through the MSU Extension Gardening Hotline, as well as a 24-hour "Ask an Expert" online resource.
  • A nearby MSU Extension Educator in Tawas City services Ogemaw County residents who prefer a more direct resources for their home gardening questions.
  • MSU Extension offices also have soil testing kits, and can help residents send plant and insect samples for definitive disease diagnoses at MSU labs.

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