Osceola County Program Highlights 2018

MSU Extension made a difference in the lives of Osceola County residents through educational programs and resources.

Budgeting assistance helps residents understand their limited resources and provide skills to help with homeownership. All photos by MSU Extension.
Budgeting assistance helps residents understand their limited resources and provide skills to help with homeownership. All photos by MSU Extension.

Finance & Homeownership 

MSU Extension’s team of knowledgeable financial pros demystify common money and homeownership best practices with universitybacked, research-based programs and resources to help Michigan residents navigate
through whatever fiscal challenges life throws their way. In 2018, the team provided homeownership education, foreclosure triage, and foreclosure counseling assistance to residents of Osceola County.

4-H Youth Development 

The most popular 4-H project, raising animals to show and sell at the fair teaches youth responsibility and entrepreneurial skills.

4-H is the largest youth development organization in Michigan. Connected at the national level, MSU’s program promotes the traditional 4-H clubs, as well as many other leadership and life-skills development opportunities for youth like financial literacy, career exploration, and science. 4-H provides experiential learning opportunities that allow youth to explore new interests and discover their passion. In 2018 Osceola County had 39 4-H clubs with 67 adult volunteers. The total number of youth served in Osceola county was 1,943.

Gardening & Consumer Horticulture

One of the many plant disease samples brought into the Extension office for identification.

Homeowners often have insect infestations or plant diseases that they are unfamiliar with and need help addressing. MSU Extension provides soil testing, plant and insect identification, disease identification and treatment, Smart Gardening resources, and a toll-free Lawn and Garden hotline. The Osceola County MSU
Extension office assists many customers with basic home gardening concerns.


Field crops and forages are large agricultural crops in Osceola County.

During the past year in Osceola County, MSU Extension provided farm support and education through individual consultations, workshops, field tours, and research opportunities. Topics included grass-fed beef production, quality assurance, forages, multi-species cover crops, soil health, restricted use pesticide review, farm financial management, and farm stress. MSU Extension provided support for a number of beginning farmers, helping them to establish and grow their farming dream.

Nutrition Education 

Kids learn to make healthy snacks during "Cooking Matters for Teens."

MSU Extension’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program provides basic nutrition education and hands-on activities for all ages. Core curricula are designed to help low-income families stretch their food dollars while maintaining good nutrition. Some instruction includes physical activity and cooking techniques that help instill life-long skills. It is estimated that every $1 spent on nutrition education saves as much as $10 in long-term health costs.

Disease Prevention

Dining with Diabetes is enjoyed by these participants.

Chronic diseases—such as diabetes—can be difficult to manage. We offer disease management workshops that introduce participants to skills they can use to manage their health and lives. Disease management
participants report improvements in breathing, depression, pain, stress, and sleeplessness. We also offer prevention workshops related to physical falls and diabetes.

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