Plan activities now for Money Smart Week in April

Now is the time to start thinking about being smarter with your money. Don’t wait until April to start planning activities for Money Smart Week in 2016.

Money Smart Week is set for April 23-30, 2016. What is Money Smart Week and how can you learn more about the variety of events?

Money Smart Week is a public awareness campaign to help youth and adults become financially literate, better manage their finances and learn about free educational opportunities to get their finances in order. This program was created by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago in 2002.

Numerous organizations have partnered with financial institutions, governmental departments and schools to offer financial education programming. Topics may include budgeting, savings, investing, understanding credit and debit cards, debt and the various types of financial services.

Financial education is important for people of all ages and from all income levels. Be sure to check out the Money Smart Week website for financial education opportunities being offered in your community. Don’t wait until April; you can start checking these sites now and work with local financial institutions, schools or libraries.

Money Smart Week would be a great time to see if the financial goals you set in January are on track. Maybe it’s time to take a financial webinar, visit a financial planner or realign your financial goals for the rest of the year.

Money Smart Week has many online games and activities to help build youths’ financial literacy. There is also a competition for students to write a short essay about being “money smart.” In addition, the website has a resource page for educators to learn about financial literacy, games and curriculum to use in the classroom or in after-school programs.

Michigan State University Extension 4-H Youth Development has a variety of money management programs for youth. As youth learn basic financial concepts, they will better understand how important financial planning is.

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