Questions not to ask at the end of an interview

Did you know there are questions you should not ask at the end of an interview?

If you have ever been interviewed, you may have been asked, “Do you have any questions for me?” You think to yourself, sure I have questions, lots of them. However, some questions are appropriate and others are not appropriate to ask at the end of an interview. 

Below are just a few questions you should not ask at an interview, with an explanation of why you should not ask that question.

  • What does your company do? This question makes it look like you have not done your research, and implies you are not interested in the position.
  • When can I take time off for vacation? Asking about time off before getting a job offer could imply you are not going to be a fully committed employee.
  • Did I get the job? This question puts employers on the spot and makes you appear impatient.
  • What is the salary for this position? Salary is something that is discussed once you have been offered the job.
  • How many hours will I be expected to work each work? Will I need to work on weekends? Questions about hours and extra work imply you are hoping to work as little as possible. A better question would be, “What is a typical workday like?” The answer will likely give you insight into expected work hours.
  • What type of health insurance does this company offer? Just like asking about a salary, this is something that should wait until after you have been offered the job.

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