Safety awareness to prevent later injuries to others

Take a pledge today to participate in National Safety Month by doing something and getting involved.

June is National Safety Month, and this is a time to get everyone involved and aware of safety hazards around them. Lately in the news, there have been reports of alligators snatching kids, a kid falling into a gorilla cage, people dying in Arizona from heat-related conditions and, of course, traffic accidents. Everyday when people leave their homes, whether for work, travel, business or pleasure, there are safety hazards all around them. The key is being mindful and aware of what those hazards are and how to prevent you or someone else from getting hurt.

The National Safety Council helps raise awareness to issues like:

  • Driving and workplace safety
  • Prescription drug abuse and proper medication safety
  • Emergency and first aid
  • Home safety drills
  • Preventing falls

Everyone is a safety ambassador. When you see unsafe acts, name it, report it and help prevent it for the future. When everyone can share this type of information, it makes for a safer environment for everyone. Workplace safety hazards can be reported to your safety manager at work. Roadway hazards can be reported to your state department of transportation.

National Safety Month is the time to encourage all communities, families, schools, businesses and organizations to promote safety and reduce and prevent injuries from happening to loved ones. The National Safety Council recommends including safety tips in your newsletters, tweeting safety tips, hosting a community event that focuses on family safety and blogging and communicating over social media as well.

Take a pledge today to increase National Safety Month by doing something and getting involved.

Michigan State University Extension and 4-H Youth Development supports health, and MSU Extension’s Healthy Youth programs help foster young health ambassadors.

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