School of Packaging announces 2019-2020 student scholarship recipients

The recipients of the 2019-2020 School of Packaging scholarships.

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Packaging student scholarship winners. These students have worked hard through the year and have shown dedication to the packaging program.

“Even though there was not an awards banquet this year, these students have worked hard and have gone above and beyond to earn these awards. These are some of the most dedicated students in the packaging program. They are our future packaging professionals,” said Matt Duam, School of Packaging director.


Chemical & Allied Industries of Northwest Ohio Endowed Scholarship Fund

A student who is passionate and excited about the field of packaging

  • Krishnaa Venkates (graduate student)

Cheryl Gilliam Scholarship

A second-year student who intends to go into a packaging career.

  • Adia Ciecierski (junior)

Crandell Family Scholarship

A Michigan upper classman who is a high achieving student, with the intention of a packaging career.

  • Margaret O'Donnel (junior)

DOW Chemical Scholarship

Students chosen by the School of Packaging

  • Anna Finazzo (junior)
  • Brenna Grass (senior)
  • Martin Hunt (freshmen)

Dwight Schmidt Endowed Scholarship Fund

Students who have been recognized by the Packaging Alumni Association Board.

  • Emily Rollend (senior)
  • Rachel Schodowski (senior)

Founders Packaging and Technology Integrated Solutions (PTIS) Endowed Scholarship Fund

Upper classmen students who are pursuing a career in packaging, who shows excitement for the field, and has good academic standing.

  • Austin Dodd (senior)
  • Raven Jefferson Brinkley (senior)

Gail Tavill Endowed Scholarship in Packaging

A packaging major, preference to someone who is a member of the Diverse Leaders in Packaging student organization.

  • Margaret O'Donnel (junior)

International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT) Scholarship

A student who has shown interest in having a beverage packaging career.

  • Megan Nalazek (senior)

Institute of Packaging Professionals (IOPP) Connecticut Chapter Scholarship

A student who is a member of Coalition of Packaging Professionals and Academic Connections, who maintains the high academic standings.

  • Joseph Bravo (junior)
  • Kaitlin Knoor (senior)
  • Kinsey Kramer (senior)
  • Madison Nodus-Rydahl (senior)

Jamie M. Hill Endowed Scholarship for the School of Packaging

Students who demonstrate financial need and have high academic standings.

  • Morgan Bucholtz (senior)
  • Emily Rollend (senior)

Juice Products Association Scholarship 

An upper classman who maintains high grades, who shows interest in fruit and food industries.

  • Cayla Ser (senior)

Kimberly-Clark Corporation School of Packaging Endowment

A student who is a member of Coalition of Packaging Professionals and Academic Connections, who has active participation in community service.

  • Allison Gerrish (junior)

Laura Anne Polakowski Endowed Scholarship in Packaging

A female student who is earning a degree in packaging, with higher consideration to a student who is a member if Sigma Kappa Sorority.

  • Margaret O'Donnel (junior)

Layfield Lewis Endowed Packaging Scholarship

A student studying packaging, with residency in Saginaw, Michigan, there is special consideration to African American students.

  • Mark Kenel (senior)

Mark & Catherine Walchak School of Packaging Endowment 

A student who is interested in environmental aspects of packaging and has overcome significant obstacles in their lives.

  • Eustace Akagha (senior)
  • Jennifer Le (graduate student)

Mary Ann Merrill Packaging Fellowship

A graduate student, who is studying medical packaging and have had someone in their lives affected by cancer.

  • Shiva Esfahanian (graduate student)

Obolewicz/Debuck Family Endowed Fellowship Scholarship

A graduate student, who is studying medical packaging and have had someone in their lives affected by cancer.

  • Davy Dao (junior)
  • Trent Krause (freshmen)

Paperboard Packaging Alliance Scholarship

An upperclassman who has expressed financial need, who is majoring in packaging, and has academic achievement.

  • Claire Cassar (junior)

Robert S. Bower, Jr. Memorial Packaging Scholarship

A student who has interest in beverage packaging, with preference given to those in financial need.

  • Allison Ritchie (senior)

Selig Group Scholarship

A student who has a GPA minimum of 3.0, who are not graduating in the next fall.

  • Grace Ellis (junior)

Society of Manufacturing Engineers Endowed Packaging Scholarship

A full-time upper classman student, who demonstrates academic achievement.

  • Juan Gu (graduate student)

NJPEC Scholarship 

  • Ryan Bieth
  • Riley Griffin (senior)

Packaging Alumni Association Scholarship 

  • Trent Krause (freshmen)
  • Brooke Verble (sophomore)
  • Grace Ellis (junior)
  • Ben Gowell (junior)
  • Therese Costantini (senior)
  • Kaitlin Knoor (senior)
  • Joseph Lietaert (senior)
  • Connor O'Rourke (junior)
  • Mackenna Payne (senior)
  • Krishnaa Venkatesan (graduate student)
  • Jennifer Le (graduate student)
  • Dangkamol Wongthanaroj (graduate student)
  • Shoue Chen (graduate student)
  • Alyssa Harben (graduate student)
  • Sonal Karkhanis (graduate student)

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