September 22nd Bailey Scholars Community Council Meeting Minutes

On September 22nd, Bailey Co-Directors Sammi Trepeck and Madi Pellman held their first Bailey Council Community Meeting.

Bailey Scholars meeting 

September 22nd

 Student leaders: Sammi and Madi 

Attendees: Addy, Kaitlyn, Jimmy, Casey, Will 

Icebreaker: Name, Grade, major, Boring Face 

ANR 210

  • Tools of learning 
  • Collaborative learning 
  • Dialogue versus debate 
  • Brainstorming topic ideas and syllabus 
  • EPortfolios 
  • Class will be handled over around October 4th 

ANR 210

  • Same thing as other class 
  • Class has basically been handed over 
  • Attendance and grading policies secured 
  • Chose topics (Some topics are handling anxiety, travel)

ANR 310

  • Creativity and DEI 
  • Started forming syllabus 
  • Health and wellness, Outdoors, climate and culture 

Dominican Republic trip 

  • Summer 2023 
  • Looking for two more members; Promotions person and… (Not sure of title)
  • Reach out to Addy with questions

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