Snow day fun

Even a snow day can be educational. Discover science while enjoying a day off from school.

Waking up to learn that school has been canceled due to a snow storm is one of the joys of childhood. After the initial excitement of learning that there is no school, children may be interested in activities that are fun and teach science while enjoying a snowy winter day.

Michigan State University Extension recommends the first fun activity to try is making frozen bubbles. With the left over bubble solution from the summer and temperatures at 32 F, or below, will provide the perfect setting. Simply blow a bubble outside and catch it on the bubble wand. In a few short minutes you will be rewarded with a frozen bubble that resembles a crystal ball. Explore the science behind this experiment by researching how bubbles are formed with soap and water molecules and the result of low temperatures.

Another activity that involves science and art, and can be done outside, is to create snow jewels. These colorful orbs are simple to make and can add beauty to any snow covered yard. All that is needed is a few balloons, some food coloring, water and scissors. Put a few drops of food coloring inside the balloons and fill with water. Once filled with water tie the balloon closed. Place the balloon in the snow and after 4 to 6 hours the balloons will be frozen. Using the scissors remove the balloon from the frozen colorful ice ball and enjoy your new yard art.

Lastly, snow paint encourages children to use snow as their canvas while creating works of art. Simply mix Kool-Aid or a few drops of food coloring with water in a squirt bottle. Mix up a variety of colors and encourage children to paint away on your snow-covered yard. Children can create original art or add detail to a newly built snowman.

Enjoying hands on science activities is a wonderful way to spend a winter snow day! For more information about youth science activities visit the Michigan 4-H Youth Development website and the Science Literacy page.

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