The Michigan 4-H science and engineering program area cuts across all program and project areas. It also has specific projects in 4-H such as aerospace, computers, small engines, electricity, electronics, astronomy and robotics.

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4-H Science: Asking Questions and Discovering Answers

Science and engineering build upon observations of our world. Science begins with a question about the observation, such as “I wonder why do cows have four legs and not two or three?” Engineering begins with a problem or need based on an observation, such as “I see a beautiful red apple way up there, how can I get that apple at the top of the tree?” These concepts of science and engineering are incorporated across all program and project areas in Michigan 4-H -- from dairy cows and animal science to junk drawer robotics and underwater remotely-operated vehicles.

Regardless of the topic area, Michigan 4-H science and engineering facilitates opportunities that encourage participants to make observations, ask questions, design solutions to problems, test ideas and discover answers while exploring and learning about their world. Learners of all ages are engaged in the experiential inquiry-based learning process that helps them develop valuable problem-solving, critical-thinking and decision-making skills. This results in youth that are better equipped with life skills necessary for future success

Visit the National 4-H Council for science education information.


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