Southwest Michigan vegetable update – June 19, 2019

Consequences of a cool, wet growing season.


Growing degree-day units base 50 degrees Fahrenheit are at 589 for 2019 compared to 852 for 2018 and 849 for the five-year average. We have reached a point where it will be difficult to reach normal levels by the end of the season. This will have more consequences for perennial crops than for vegetable crops. We had around 1.25 inches of rain during the week, most falling on June 13 and 15. Temperatures ranged from 59 to 76 F for highs and 46 to 59 F for lows. Normal highs for this time of year are near 80 F

Crop reports

Cucumbers, yellow squash and zucchini harvest will start by the weekend. These will come from transplants placed under low tunnels. Growers should expect poorly pollinated fruit in the first harvests but that will improve as bees locate fields.

Peas are being harvested

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